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What is HReality Education?


HReality Education is a learning experience platform (LXP) that enables educators and students to harness haptic and kinetic learning and interactions delivered in 2D and 4D. Built as an API, HReality Education software works with existing structured data within LMS shell content to leverage new VR learning experiences. Simply put, HReality Education transforms static online learning into an experiential environment to enhance interactions and knowledge transfer. Learn more about HReality here.

Top 10 reasons why HReality is a better virtual education platform.

  1. Built with professionalication™ (vs. rag doll rigs and gamification-based ideology, technology, and talent).
  2. New category of software: the virtual LXP (learning experience platform) plugs into any LMS (learning management system such as Canvas or Blackboard) and instantly provides the new capabilities of haptic integration and 4D interactivity.
  3. No headgear, hand gear, or controller required.
  4. Works securely on a standard browser with existing student or enterprise equipment.
  5. Customizable to job or learning types with open source haptics available.
  6. HReality creates an entire methodology and standard hybrid reality interface to efficiently visualize and interact with all the content that was 2D. This renews buy-in for another generation and enables structured data and flat content already within LMS platforms to take advantage of new technology.
  7. For instant and enthusiastic adoption by constituencies, HReality created an instant import tool from existing course shells in LMS platforms. This empowers teachers and universities to extend their investments in their LMS and repurpose the static structured course content into this new economy with a click of a button.
  8. For instant academic adoption, an easy to use drag and drop tool was created to instantly build virtual classrooms. This tool makes it easy, fun, efficient, and reinvigorates academics in completely new ways.
  9. HReality introduces quantum analytics. Academic processes generate huge amounts of data related to learning activities, student interactions, and outcomes throughout each department. With virtual education platforms that capture real-time quantum analytics, the data can be leveraged to provide real-time benefits to teachers, students, and institutions. HReality desktop to virtual interactions enable owners of LMS platforms to perform various analyses, with completely different and dynamic outcomes. Additionally, more secure storage schemes are in place, in contrast to disaggregated tables that make it impossible to access the records of interest. By nature of the innovations, quantum, real-time analytics, once combined with existing desk to interaction data, HReality changes what can be accomplished with new technology to influence the reduction of education waste, increased efficiencies, improved reimbursements, and secure real-time data sharing. This opens up completely new possibilities in compliance, persistence/completion, learning efficacy, and student satisfaction and experiences.
  10. Finally, embedded within the platform is a unique approach to real-time secure blockchain BlockSolid credentialing that addresses the old problems of placement, college administration, and lifetime connection and value to the student after the student graduates with new solutions.

Is there an option for a custom branded virtual experience?


Yes! Anything in real life and more can be recreated virtually. Please contact FabCom, the skunk works integrated marketing and advertising agency behind HReality, to discover what can be done.

How much does HReality Education platform cost?


Pricing is dependent on the type of functionality and environment you want to create. Please contact FabCom, the skunk works integrated marketing and advertising agency behind HReality, to discover what can be done.