The true
value of virtual

Experience next generation
virtual education

Virtual learning is not created equal, and the HReality Education platform is bringing the best to the table. This platform provides incredible virtual learning experiences that rival and outperform conventional online learning. Backed by the power of Hybrid Reality (HReality™), this enhanced user experience allows teachers and students to interact with each other within the virtual environment in real time.

By integrating the physical human experience into the metaverse, HReality is truly a first-person affair — see it, feel it, experience it. Just like a traditional learning environment, students can look forward to a highly interactive first-person experience. Imagine the immersive nature of first-person perspective video games, but reconceived for professional virtual learning experiences, mentorship, and knowledge transfer.

Education costs
twice as much

One of the best ideas coming out of the commerce department to create more efficiency in education delivery is opening the higher-education marketplace to competition by removing accreditors from their role as gatekeepers of federal financial aid, and instead, allocating funds based on student outcomes.

The HReality Education platform now provides the opportunity for education to seamlessly make the digital transformation to virtual learning.

Cost of goods increase

The cost of other goods and services have fallen

Industries like higher education have seen enormous cost growth over the past decades, even as the cost of other goods and services has fallen.

Solving old education delivery problems with
new capabilities

Dollars wasted

A new paradigm for compliance

Deploying the HReality Education platform introduces a new model to facilitate educational and training compliance. By synchronizing asynchronous learner activity, the platform collapses up to 50% of the cost of administration of education compliance and reimbursement.

Created to natively show real-time student completion, employment readiness, and disbursements based on assessments and competency, HReality Education changes compliance at the fundamental level of execution. All interaction happens through one viewport, enabling one recorded compliance file.

HReality features

If you want the best - here it is

The HReality Education platform is a self-service offering that allows you to configure your HReality classroom or environment through our easy-to-use design portal, built with you in mind. Configure your classroom based on a variety of layouts, then customize the experience with technology hot spots, furniture, and more—just as you would decorate your physical classroom. Or, request a custom build classroom that matches your learning environment brick for brick.

If you need help creating a learning environment from the ground up, our team assists with digital curriculum integration, back-end data, best practices for online learning, content development, and more.

Alternative. Innovative. Better.

Virtual education platform features that offer optimal interaction and turnkey superior quality production.

One platform,
many uses

Host classes, professional trainings, hybrid events, webinars, and seminars in customizable environments to suit your needs.

Collaboration & engagement

One-to-one knowledge transfer, group collaboration, presentations, video and direct messaging, and more.

Instant LMS

Built to work with Canvas API, Blackboard LTI, and many other LMS platforms.

data security

Enterprise-level security, role-based access, and domain-based access control.

Personalized experiences

Photo-realistic avatars, LinkedIn integration, semester planning, and calendar sync.

Integrated live streaming

YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Simulive, GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Adobe Connect, and more.